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We founded our company in 2013 as a building solution, and in 2017 we transformed it into a private limited company. We are Kannur's leading glass design firm, with over 10 years of experience. Glassage guarantees customer satisfaction with all interior and exterior services by providing the best work possible. We offer a diverse range of Glassage services in Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Bangalore. Our professionals will complete your installation work in a timely and professional manner.

Glassage interior and exterior Pvt ltd can also help you with maintenance. We guarantee you a lifelong maintenance service tailored to your specific requirements. We use glasses from well-known brands such as Saint-Gobain, MODIGUARD, and Asahi. As these are the best glass manufacturers in India, you can rest assured that all of your work will be safe and flawless.

Glassage has completed over 2000+ projects throughout India, as well as work in Dubai, Muscat, Vietnam, Cambodia, and other locations. We guarantee the best service in the world, along with the best products and efficient installation. Glassage guarantees the best premium series glass provider for aluminum premium sliding windows in the 25 series, 27 series, 30 series, and 40 series.

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Our glass installation process

  • Our experts will visit your location and conduct an analysis.
  • Then we measure the location of the glass.
  • Our experts will perfectly draw the new work after measuring it.
  • The drawing was then sent to the required glass brand, which will manufacture the glass for your building/house.
  • After receiving the structured glass, our expert team will expertly install it at your location.

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Services offered

  • Glassage offers a wide range of fixed glass works for windows & doors for all homes and offices. We have an exotic range of high-quality glass works and home windows & doors that have been designed to enhance the aesthetics and protect your home.

  • Providing you with the best range of lamination glass work with effective & timely delivery. Glassage is engaged in providing unique products including laminated glass works and much more to various industries.

  • At Glassage, we recognize that the best service helps homes and offices in the improvement of their environment. Homeowners can rest comfortably knowing that our knowledgeable team offers double-glazing units, replacement glass, frames, and other glazing works in the best way.

  • Color full glass works can be done using a structural glazing system. These days majority of buildings will have used the front façade using reflective and colored glass by structural glazing work. Glassage offers you 100% quality services in structural glazing glasswork with advanced methods.

  • The best consultants are hired with expertise in custom curtain wall design for projects. We are also providing our clients with the Curtain Wall work. This Curtain Wall work is generally used for exterior decoration and to increase the look of the building. Glassage gets the best components and provides you with the services for this curtain wall work in all the regions of the country.

  • We are successfully meeting the requirements of our clients as a service provider of the Spider Glass Works Service in Kerala. Clients can give their needs of clients and our expert will work on this. These are usually demanded in high glass panels for wall partitions and front views of showrooms. Customized profile for glass fitting service always satisfies the customer's needs. We have a dedicated and skilled team who can work with the customer's preference.

  • Glass Hand railing is a system where the glass railing panels are secured within the top railing and bottom shoe. Glassage is a company that is positioning is dedicated to determining the best solution to manufacture your glass railing.

  • Glass shower partitions have become an integral part of the modern bathroom. It provides elegance and style to the bathroom. Shower enclosures keep the bathroom dry, hygienic, and safe. By restricting the water inside the wet room, shower enclosures keep the entire bathroom dry, thus making it bacteria free and hygienic. We at Glassage understand how integral the shower cabin is for a modern bathroom set-up and strive to give our customers the best quality bathroom shower enclosures in various styles and designs.

  • Pergola Glass Installation becomes common now and it is designed with many features. It gives a modern touch to the exterior and interior. Pergolas make your home trendier and stylish at the same time it giving more natural light to your interiors. Glass Pergolas make your space more attractive with their transparency and translucency. Glassage provides the best pergola glass service in Kerala.

  • Our custom glass panels are particularly well-suited for constructing walls and other barriers in commercial and residential settings. By separating different sections within a particular area while still creating a sense of space, glass panels offer designers the flexibility to create implied spaces while simultaneously making them feel open and visually connected. Depending on your needs, Glassage can implement many intermediate gradient options so glass walls can be clear, dark, or any level in between to specifically complement the décor of your interior design.

  • Our experts have industry experience and knowledge in offering our clients a range of products including sliding folding systems at the best available prices. We have been in this industry for years and have successfully done many services. Our products are manufactured using quality raw materials and sophisticated technology.

  • Glassage has a modern motorized remote sliding pergola system that can keep your outdoor living environment weatherproof. Open to enjoy the sunshine or close for waterproofing, it is easily controlled by the motorized system.

  • Our expert team is comprised of modern technology specialists who all bring their skills by using their deep knowledge of the industry. We develop a wide range of items, including automatic sensor doors, Automatic Sliding Doors, Automatic Sensor Sliding doors, etc. Our team also assists us in ensuring that each product is properly inspected as per the highest quality methods.

  • We specialize in offering a large range of ACP work, which is created using superior quality material, and offer a range of services that are in line with modern market trends. All services are timely completed by our expert team members. We are the best in the market because of our quality-approved range of services.

  • With our continued commitment to providing the best construction, we are offering HPL Cladding Service. This service is very affordable and offered in stylish architecture using the best quality and highly durable material. Our service is the combination of the best quality material, colors, intricate designs, and an overall rich look. We are providing our clients with a range of irresistible designs and stylish durable construction.

  • Glassage is among the very few aluminum windows and door manufacturers to offer a total system solution for all your aluminum premium sliding windows and door systems. Along with the variety of styles and designs, all Glassage aluminum windows and doors can be custom-made to any specification and configuration.

  • Glassage offers a large selection of durable UPVC windows and doors designed to add value to your home. These windows have style, and amazing colors, are low maintenance and have a long life expectancy.
    Another benefit of our UPVC windows and doors is they can be tailored to your desired specifications. It is a fantastic option we offer to ensure that you can build your dream home. You can call us directly to learn what makes our products the best in the market.

  • Glassage has modern stained glass designs that add a unique and valuable addition to your home or office. They will suit both classic and contemporary environments. Stained glass puts your home in a special light and personal atmosphere. I take care of your stained glass work, new design, and repairs, from start to finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Glassage always offers our customers efficient and cost-effective glass installation services. The cost of glass works will vary depending on the needs and requirements of the customer.

Yes, we provide you with glasses from well-known brands such as Saint-Gobain, Modiguara, and Asahi. As a result, the customer does not have to be concerned about the warranty for our products.

All glass works companies provide a one-year service warranty, but Glassage interior and exterior Pvt ltd provides a two- to three-year warranty. You can contact us if your glass work requires maintenance.

Asahi, Saint-Gobain, and Modiguard.

Yes, Glassage ships glass works all over the world. Customers come to us from Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Bangalore, Dubai, Muscat, and Vietnam.

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